Transition September 2020

Welcome to new Year 7s

We are really excited about our new Year 7 students joining us in September 2020. Normally at this time of year we would be hosting transition days and welcome events, meet the tutor sessions and uniform evenings; all aimed at helping you become familiar with the school and to help you prepare for the next big step. Sadly, the current restrictions are making that impossible.  We can assure you that we would really prefer to be inviting you in to school to meet you and your families and to be welcoming you with open arms to your new school and we are very hopeful that in the not too distant future that will be possible. For now though we aim to support and guide you through the transition process from a "social distance" and to assist with that we have prepared lots of resources and information for you to make sure that you are as excited about September as we are!

We believe that a positive transition experience at any phase can set a child up to thrive and succeed at the next stage of their education. Whilst the experience of transition will inevitably be different in 2020, we believe that we can still achieve our aim of giving every child the very best possible start to their secondary school life.

You are about to start what we hope will be a really happy and productive five years, in which you will:

  • Make lots of friends
  • Take advantage of many opportunities
  • Leave us having made excellent progress in your learning and with many happy memories

We have high expectations of all of our students and we look forward to welcoming you to our Woolmer Hill School family.

Transition letter from Miss Talbot

To help you prepare for September, in the following page sections you will find guidance, hints and tips on supporting your child as well as videos, photos, downloads and activities. We hope you will enjoy working through them and we are particularly looking forward to seeing your completed 'Be Awesome, Go Big' workbooks on the first day back in September.

Our staff are working hard to put everything in place for a smooth transition for you all. If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with us.

Year 7 Welcome Booklet

Year 7 Welcome Booklet

This booklet contains lots of practical and useful information about life at Woolmer Hill School and what things will be like in September. Read through it, share it with the family, write note in the margins - it will be your reference guide for the first few weeks!

A traditional paper copy of the Woolmer Hill Welcome Booklet will be on its way to your home address soon but you can also find a copy here by clicking this link.


Life at Woolmer Hill

Unable to visit the school, unable to visualise life in Year 7.....well, we hope that our selection of short videos will give you a taste of life at Woolmer Hill School.

Woolmer Hill School from the air

'Be Awesome, Go Big'

‘Be Awesome, Go Big’

We are supporting our "virtual" transition process with the 'Be Awesome, Go Big' package that has been specially designed to help Year 6 students transition into Year 7. The project has fantastic resources that students can work through with their parents in order to prepare for secondary school and prepare for being AWESOME! They are designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring and to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.

We have uploaded a selection of resources on our 'Be Awesome, Go Big' webpage and from here you can follow the links to various documents and activity sheets.

We would like each of our new Year 7 students to work through the interactive sections and complete your answers in your ‘Be Awesome, Go Big’ workbook which has been sent to you in the post but is also downloadable here.  We are looking forward to seeing your completed booklets when you join us in September and to seeing how awesome you are! 

We do hope that these resources will prove useful over the coming weeks and will aid and support your child's transition to Woolmer Hill School.

Click here to view the 'Be Awesome, Go Big' summary document.

Click here to visit the 'Be Awesome, Go Big' page.

Subject Transition & Summer Activities

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

This gives you information about what you will be studying in each subject during Year 7, and also gives you some ideas of activities we would encourage you to try between now and September to be prepared and ready for the year ahead. We would love to see the work as you complete it so do share it with us. Have fun!



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