Remote Learning

From the Tuesday 5th January 2021, we have resumed our remote learning offer. This is an improved provision from that provided in 2020, following discussions across the WMAT and the review of evidence and feedback on what makes remote learning most effective.

Daily Format

In order to sustain a degree of normality and resemble a normal school day, each morning students will have a live on-line registration (8.45am) followed by their normal timetabled 6 x 50 min lesson day. Lessons will include a regular blend of live and recorded teaching offering explanation, instruction and answering questions to best support learning. All work will be set daily on Google Classroom using the same account students have been accessing since the start of term.

Tutor time

A link to your child’s tutor group Google Classroom has been sent to their school email account. Once they have joined the tutor group Google Classroom using the emailed code they can follow the link to join the live tutor session at 8.45am each day.

Tutors will take a register and check in with tutees live every morning followed by: 

  • Monday Assembly
  • Tuesday Activity/Sub Group A with Tutor
  • Wednesday Activity/Sub Group B with Tutor
  • Thursday Activity/Sub Group C with Tutor
  • Friday Activity/Sub Group D with Tutor

The subgroups will provide a chance for tutors and tutees to meet in smaller groups. 

Remote learning

In order to mirror a normal teaching day our remote learning offer will:

  • Provide a planned and well-sequenced curriculum so that knowledge and skills continue to be built incrementally following our current schemes of learning.
  • Provide frequent, clear explanations of new content, delivered by a teacher or through high-quality curriculum resources or videos.
  • Deliver a programme that is of equivalent length to the core teaching students would receive in school.
  • Set assignments so that students have meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects according to their timetable.
  • Gauge how well students are progressing through the curriculum and adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught in response to feedback, questions or assessments.
  • Provide feedback on specific pre-selected work. Some tasks are self-marking and occasionally students will be required to mark their own work using provided assessment criteria / mark schemes.

Student Protocol for Live Teaching

  1. Check subject feed on Google Classroom that will inform students and parents when a live session is scheduled and will include details of the teacher, subject, date and time.
  2. All live sessions will be recorded and saved in Google Drive. These recordings will be made available on Google Classroom for students unable to attend.
  3. Students must dress appropriately for live sessions (smart casual is fine), teachers will be appropriately professionally dressed.
  4. Students should find an appropriate location for live lessons with minimal distractions and ensure the highest standards of behaviour.
  5. Any misbehaviour will be reported and sanctioned using normal school protocols.
  6. The teacher will be the last member to leave the live platform and will disconnect the link.

At the bottom of this page, you will find useful documents to help you at home and links to helpful resources, all aimed at assisting during home learning.  This includes a 'Google Classroom Cheat Sheet' containing hints and tips on how the application works and a 'Studying a Home' information sheet with useful guidance and ideas on how to get the most out of remote learning

For any parents, carers or students that are having issues accessing Google Classroom, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance.

If your child has any subject specific concerns, they should contact their classroom teacher. They can also contact their tutors if they need any additional support. Staff will always be happy to help.

Please click the link below to view useful "lockdown" resource packs for parents, students and families:



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