Year 9 Parent Information

Your child is at an exciting and very important stage of their education here at Woolmer Hill School. Students in Year 9 are nearing the end of their Key Stage 3 phase and will very shortly begin thinking about career pathways. This process starts with thinking about which GCSE and vocational pathways your child may like to follow. Over the next few months, students will receive plenty of information to enable them to make wise and sensible option choices. These choices should be based on personal preference and not be swayed by likes or dislikes of particular teachers, or which friends they think they might end up in class with.

There is much work to be done by each Year 9 student between now and the start of Year 10. Developing good habits around staying focused in class, being answer ready and paying attention to the demands of learning tasks now will reap great rewards in the important Year 9 examinations and, more importantly, in developing those key positive behaviours which we know will yield greater success at the end of Year 11 in their Summer 2024 GCSE examinations. The virtual Year 9 Information Evening should hopefully help you understand what Woolmer Hill School requires from each Year 9 student and how you can best support your child to achieve and fulfil their utmost potential.

Success breeds success. Students can be successful by taking every learning opportunity and giving it their best; this applies as much to in class learning as it does to the independent study that Woolmer Hill School staff set as home learning. Developing these positive habits now will stand your child in good stead for Key Stage 4 studies and their studies at college and into adult life.

We have pulled together a "pack" of useful for information for all Year 9 students and families and you will find this below. We hope that you find this useful.

Thank you for your continuing support of Woolmer Hill School. Please do contact myself or other key members of staff if you are in need of support with ensuring the best progress for your child.

Mr S Watkins, Year 9 Leader

YEAR 9 KEY DATES 2021-22

Week of 22nd November Reports to Parents
22nd - 25th February Examinations
Week of 21st March Reports to Parents
Tues 22nd March Parents' Evening Options Subjects
Thurs 24th March Parents' Evening Core Subjects
Fri 1st April Deadline for return of Options forms
Week of 13th June Reports to Parents



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