Year 7 Parent Information

At Woolmer Hill School, we believe that success comes from engaging with learning and making the most of the opportunities available to all our students. The outcome of the next five years at Woolmer Hill School will really shape your child’s future and we are committed to providing a high standard of education allowing our students to not only reach but exceed their ambitions.

We also believe that success comes by working in partnership with students and parents through forming mutually supportive relationships, ensuring each and every student understands what they can achieve and how they can take an active role in developing their skills and knowledge.

The resources provided below will give an overview of Year 7, including our Year 7 curriculum, and how as a parent you can continue to support your child during this big change from primary school to secondary school. Students will be supported in taking on more responsibility, becoming more resilient and becoming independent learners.

I do hope you find the information useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if there is anything else we can do to help make sure your child makes the most of their time with us over the next five years.

Mrs E Watson, Head of Year 7

YEAR 7 KEY DATES 2022-23

Week of 17th October Reports to Parents
Thursday 26th January

Parents' Evening

(3:30pm - 7:45pm, Face to Face in school)

Week of 30th January Reports to Parents
Week of 19th June Exams Week
Week of 17th July Reports to Parents

Please note all dates are subject to change.


Please click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the Year 7 Parent Information Evening.

Curriculum, Mr S Williams


Retrieval Practice, Mr D Clayton


Mindset, Mr D Clayton


e-Safety, Mr P Barraud

please also see the attached Resource Information Sheet for Year 7.




Year 7 Curriculum Information Booklet

Please click here to view the Year 7 Curriculum Information Booklet.


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