Our school Catering provision is provided by Innovate.

A range of meals are available at both break and lunch times with theme days and 'meal deals' provided throughout the year.

The school restaurant uses a biometric cashless catering system that makes purchasing food more convenient. Accounts can be charged online through the school's website.

The restaurant can be contacted directly by e-mailing

Further details about cashless catering can be found in our FAQ document.

Updates to School Catering Options for School Year 2020-2021

As part of our return to school in September, we have been working very closely with our Catering Service partner, Innovate, to ensure the highest standards of both food quality and hygiene. Innovate have been working hard to ensure that additional measures are in place in line with COVID 19 health and safety guidance. The CEO of Innovate outlines the additional measures being taken in the video link below which we hope you will find useful:

Message from Innovate CEO

With students remaining in year group bubbles for lessons, we are also ensuring students are served food and eat their lunches within their year group bubbles. To enable this approach to work, we’ve outlined below the arrangements which will be in place for the immediate future.

Years 7 & 9 Lunches
  • The usual Restaurant dining offer will be replaced with two packed lunch options for years 7 & 9 only.
  • There are two different ranges of packed lunch – the Classic priced at £2.40 and the Deli priced at £2.90.
  • Within each range of packed lunch there are three different options of sandwich choices including vegetarian options, plus a cookie / cake, fruit and bottle of water. Each day the packed lunch menu changes. Menus will be available on the Innovate booking site.
  • Families can choose how many days each week packed lunches are ordered for
  • Orders for packed lunches are made through Innovate’s ordering system - not the usual Scopay system.
  • You will be required to register on the Innovate system on your first time using it – see information below for how to order.
  • Packed lunches need to be ordered in advance on the Innovate ordering system by midnight on the Thursday before the start of the week packed lunches are required for.
How to Order Packed Lunches for Years 7 & 9
  • Packed lunches can be ordered in advance using Innovate’s ordering system at
  • To set up your son / daughter on the system, Parents / Carers are invited to register student details on the first occasion using the system.
  • The attached guide explains how to set up your account and payment card details.  


  • Please note that parents will need to create one Innovate account but you will need to register to both SCHOOL CLASSIC & SCHOOL DELI sites to be able to choose either packed lunch offer.
  • Please only order from one site each day.

If your child is eligible for free school meals you will still need to register and pre-order packed lunches but you will not be asked for any payment details.

It is possible to order and pay for packed lunches up to two weeks ahead or on a weekly basis. Packed lunches must be ordered by midnight on the Thursday before the week ahead.

Years 8, 10 & 11 Lunches
  • Years 8, 10 & 11 will continue to use the Restaurant area with a slightly reduced menu option for the coming weeks. The reduced menu for Autumn 2020 can be viewed below.
  • Year 8 will have a different lunchtime to Years 10 and 11
  • Years 8, 10 & 11 meals in the Restaurant will continue to be paid for using Scopay cashless catering system.
  • Biometric finger prints will not be used to look up student details; catering staff will manually look up student details.
  • Account payment top ups must be carried out online through Scopay.
  • Due to Covid-restrictions in place in the School, there are no cash top up facilities available in school at this time.
  • Enhanced cleaning within the Restaurant service and eating areas will be in place, including additional cleaning between year group services.


Catering Information for All Year Groups

Food at Break Times

To ensure our plans for keeping students in year group bubbles are effective, we are unable to provide food at break time from Innovate, but we will keep this under review.

N.B. Year 10 and 11 do not have a morning break

Drinking Water

It is important that students bring in sufficient water for the whole day in school. The Innovate packed lunch includes a bottle of water, but students will not otherwise be able to purchase water or drinks during the day.  Please ensure that your son / daughter brings in sufficient water and that it is stored safely in their school bags to avoid leaks!

Where will students eat?

Students will be eating their lunches within their year group bubble zones. Students ordering packed lunches from Innovate will have their packed lunch delivered to their year group zone and will then eat in the area designated to their year group. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to eating and we will be encouraging them to dispose of their own food waste carefully to keep zone areas clean and tidy.

Food Allergies

Innovate food will always endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements. However, whilst we are offering a reduced service we recommend that those students with allergies or specific dietary requirements bring in a packed lunch from home.

How to Provide Feedback

We are working very closely with Innovate with regards to the meal choices so we can ensure the best possible food service is provided. If you would like to discuss the catering service or have any feedback please contact or