Friends of Woolmer Hill

The Friends of Woolmer Hill PTA is a growing team of hardworking, truly amazing volunteers who regularly put together fun events to raise funds that are used to support Woolmer Hill School.


Hillfest 2019 - is on Saturday 15th June

The Friends are pleased to announce that tickets for Hillfest 2019 are now on sale via the website

Hillfest postcard 2019


  • Even if you can only spare an hour or two each month or get involved in just one event a year you will have helped enormously.
  • Come to our events – we can never be accused of being ‘boring’ so buy your ticket and help out by having a good time!
  • Make a donation – cash counts and you can now use our online PayPal facility to make it even easier.

Pupils enjoying the new piano donated by the FOWH 2019

FOWH piano 2

To find out more about the Friends please see the Friends Facebook page, contact the school or contact Sheila