Friends of Woolmer Hill

FoWH Logo Op8The Friends of Woolmer Hill PTA is a team of hardworking, truly amazing volunteers who regularly put together fun events to raise funds that are used to support Woolmer Hill School.

We are delighted to say that our FOWS has been relaunched and is now up and running ready for their first event of 2023; a Colour Run! Please click here for further information.



  • Even if you can only spare an hour or two each month or get involved in just one event a year you will have helped enormously.

  • Come to our events – we can never be accused of being ‘boring’ so buy your ticket and help out by having a good time!

  • Make a donation – cash counts and you can now use our online PayPal facility to make it even easier.

Students enjoying the new piano donated by the FOWH 2019.

FOWH piano 2



Friends of Woolmer Hill Date  
Friends of Woolmer Hill Colour Run 20th Apr 2023 Download