Teaching & Learning

At Woolmer Hill we are committed to providing a curriculum that develops independent thinkers and learners who are actively involved in their learning because they:

  • Set their own goals 
  • Plan how to realise those goals
  • Monitor their progress (and make changes where appropriate)
  • Assess and reflect on outcomes  

Thus independent learning, involves the student taking more responsibility for organising their own learning and growing in maturity in terms of their ability to self-regulate their motivation, emotions, behaviour for learning and time management.  Becoming a successful Independent learner involves progressing along a continuum of independent learning skills that can be mastered over time when practised in a variety of settings.  

Progress Pathway and Steps

The Government has been insistent that secondary schools no longer report using NC levels during KS3, but devise their own reporting methods. The Woolmer Hill School Progression Pathway (given below and with reports) helps to explain student progress and the link to 'new' 9-1 graded GCSEs (students are examined on in Year 11).

The ATG is an Aspirational Target Grade to which students should aim for by the end of KS4 (June Year 11).

Subject specific detail for Progress Steps across the curriculum can be downloaded on the right. These detail the core skills and knowledge in each subject.