WHS Reports

This page has information to help explain and understand your child's report.


WHS Mindset Factors affecting Learning

Being prepared for learning - equipment, punctuality and a growth Mindset: ready, prepared and willing to learn

STAR – (Sit up straight, Track the teacher, Answer ready, Respect) conduct in class, towards other learners and members of staff in all learning situations, e.g. group work, individually, in pairs and during assessments

Classwork – quality and completion of work in class including resilience and embracing challenge

Home Learning - effort and challenge in the completion of homework (this could be short homework and/or longer project style homework)


Terms and score: (applied to each factor)

1 Exceptional - Outstanding commitment given to their learning. Always tries hard and perseveres when the challenge and work difficulty increases. Home Learning is always completed and goes well beyond the minimum that is expected. Shows a genuine interest in the subject and independently researches work and asks questions. Always well organised and prepared to learn.

2 Good - Shows a good attitude to their learning. Home Learning is always completed and meets the standards expected for them. They are well organised and give high levels of effort to their learning and generally approach challenging tasks positively.

3 Inconsistent - Their attitude to learning is inconsistent. They do not always give their best effort to learning tasks. Home Learning whilst usually completed, is often not at the standard that would be expected for them, or is often late. They are not always well organised.

4 Causing concern - Does not display a good attitude to their learning. Home Learning is rarely completed on time and is often not at the expected standard for them. Shows little interest in the subject and does not seek to learn independently or ask questions. Organisation is often poor.


Progress to Aspirational Target Grade

The ‘Progress to Target’ column gives an indication of the amount of progress that has been made during the latest reporting period:

On - progress is resulting in a student being on course to achieve the ATG at the end of KS4

Above - progress is very good and the student is likely to exceed the ATG at the end of KS4

Working towards - progress is being made and a student is working towards achieving their ATG at the end of KS4.

Below - progress is not currently enough that ATGs will be achieved at the end of KS4



Aspirational Target Grade - this is the grade which students should aim to achieve in that subject by the end of Year 11.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 grades are broken down into "fine grades", with each grade being suffixed with a, b or c.

a - the grade is in the upper band and could be pushed into a higher grade boundary.

b - the grade is secure.

c - the grade is not secure and could fall into a lower grade boundary.



The Working at Grade is the GCSE grade that students are currently attaining (based on the summative assessment data up to that point).


Projected Grade

This is the GCSE grade which subject teachers are ‘projecting’ that students are likely to achieve at the end of Year 11 based on their work and effort so far.




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