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Attendance is strongly linked to academic achievement.  Consequently, parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that children attend regularly and punctually, and that holidays in term time are avoided.

If your child is unwell

If your child is unwell, please contact the school by 9.00am at the latest on the main number (01428 654055) selecting the ‘student absence’ option.  You can leave a voicemail to record an absence before the school opens at 8am. Alternatively you can email our attendance officer via 

When you are notifiying us of an absence please clearly state your child's name and tutor group, the reason for the absence and the expected return to school date.

If we do not hear from you, our automated ‘truancy call’ system will send you a message stating that your child is not in school and requesting that you contact us. If a child misses school for any reason, please ensure that a note is supplied to their tutor or the Attendance Officer on the first day of their return.

Rewarding good attendance

Good attendance is a regular focus of our rewards system throughout the year.  Students receive merits for attaining 100% attendance over specified periods of time.  In addition, postcards are sent home for excellent attendance and recognition is given in ½ termly achievement assemblies.

Addressing attendance concerns

Students who have attendance below 95% will be interviewed by their tutor and Head of Year and their attendance will be monitored. Attendance below 90% is monitored by the Inclusion Officer (IO) and parents may be invited to attend an Attendance Panel meeting.  In more serious cases, the IO may issue a Penalty Notice fine or commence court proceedings.  


Students are expected to be punctual to morning registration, which starts at 8.45am promptly, therefore we expect students to arrive on school site by 08:40am.

Students who arrive after 9.00am should report to the Engagement Office to sign in and the time of their arrival will be recorded. Break and lunchtime detentions are issued for students who are either late or miss a registration unless there is a valid reason which parents have communicated to us.  Parents can use the student planner to communicate such information to the tutor. Students are also expected to arrive at lessons on time. 

Please see the link below for our Attendance and Punctuality Leaflet for Parents. This booklet contains key information about attendance and key contact details.