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Pupil Premium & Year 7 Catch Up

What is the Pupil Premium?

“The Pupil premium was introduced by the Coalition Government in 2011 to provide additional support for looked after children and those from low income families.  The extra funding is made available to schools to help them narrow the gap that still exists between pupils from disadvantaged and more affluent backgrounds.”

Source: The Pupil Premium: How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement – published by Ofsted

Which pupils are eligible for the grant?

Pupils who either currently claim Free School Meals (FSM) or those who have claimed this support at some point during the previous 6 years.  In addition to this children who have met the criteria of being ‘looked after’ for 1 day or more are also eligible for the grant.

At Woolmer Hill we recognise that pupils may be socially disadvantaged and either not registered for FSM or narrowly miss out on qualifying for this support.  In recognition of this, our strategies to narrow the achievement gap may include a broader range of pupils than identified by these criteria.

An overview of the School

2013 - 2014 £97,956
2014 - 2015 £89,760
2015 - 2016 £73, 865
2016 - 2017 £75, 735
2017 - 2018 £74, 800

Currently in 2017-2018 17.5% of the school population qualify for the Pupil Premium.