Admissions Information

Applications for admission to Woolmer Hill are managed in accordance with Surrey’s coordinated scheme on Secondary admission. Applications for Secondary school must be made by 31 October of each year. Places at Surrey Secondary schools will be offered on the basis of the preferences that are shown on the application form. Parents will be asked to rank up to six preferences and these will be considered under an equal preference system.

The school intends to offer up to 150 places for September 2017. However, children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) that names the school will be allocated a place before other applicants are considered. In this way, the number of places available will be reduced by the number of children with a statement that has named the school.

Priority of applications is detailed in our policy (see below).


Applications for places outside of the normal application process can be made by contacting the school on 01428 654055 or email 


Admissions Information Date  
Admissions Policy 2018 23rd Aug 2017 Download
Admissions Policy 2017 23rd Aug 2017 Download
Admissions Policy 2016 23rd Aug 2017 Download
Admissions Policy 2015 23rd Aug 2017 Download
Admissions Policy 2014 23rd Aug 2017 Download


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