Year 8 Parent Information

Students have now been at Woolmer Hill for a year, and they will of course be familiar with our ethos of “Proud to Belong, Proud to Achieve”. This ethos is at the heart of Year 8 as we work to ensure that students are meeting high standards which will enable them to make informed choices for their Year 9 options, GCSEs and beyond.  

Year 8 is critical in developing the character and skills which will support students through their school career, before we know it students will be in Year 11. 

I hope that you find all the information you need, please get in contact if there is anything further that you require to support your child throughout Year 8. 

As the new Head of Year 8 I am excited to work with the year group, parents and staff to ensure every Year 8 student is able to meet their full potential.   

Mr B Grindley


YEAR 8 KEY DATES 2023-24

Wednesday 13th September

Year 8 Parent Information Evening

(Face to Face in school, 5.30pm - 6.15pm)

Week of 6th November Reports to Parents
Week of 5th February Reports to Parents
Thursday 22nd February 

Parents' Evening

(Virtual via School Cloud, 3:30pm to 7:45pm)

Week of 3rd June Exams Week
Week of 1st July Reports to Parents

Please note all dates are subject to change.



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