Staff Contact

Who To Contact

We pride ourselves on excellent relationships with our parents and carers and we always aim to communicate key information in a timely manner, we therefore expect parents to read these communications from us. The fortnightly parent newsletter contains important information and updates - copies of newsletters and important letters home can be found on our website here.

It is important to us that if parents/carers have any concerns about their child's wellbeing or learning that they contact the appropriate member of staff so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Please note that teachers cannot be disturbed, or answer emails, whilst they are teaching and they often have meetings, revision boosters etc after school, so please do not expect an instant response. We aim to respond to all emails within 2 working days. 

If your query is of an urgent nature or if you would like to speak to someone or arrange an appointment with a Head of Year, please email or telephone the main school office. 

Please note - do not address your email to multiple recipients as this will cause delays in responding, please address emails to one member of staff only.

Form Tutor

For issues around home learning, general progress and behaviour.

Head of Year

Responsible for the overall progress and welfare of each child in their year group, please contact the tutor in the first instance.

Subject Teacher

For concerns about a particular subject, classwork or home learning.

Head of Department

For queries about the curriculum or progress in a subject.
If you have raised a concern with the class teacher and you feel it has not been resolved.

Senior Leadership Team

For queries relating to school systems, serious issues and matters relating to staff and suggestions for improvement. 
If you have raised a concern with the Head of Year or Head of Department and you feel it has not been resolved.

SENDCO/ Learning Support Team

For any SEND concerns or queries.

Welfare Team

For any concerns relating to welfare, wellbeing and mental health.

Senior Leadership Team

Associate Leadership Team

Head of Department

Head of Year

Teaching Staff

Learning Support





Administration Support